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Okay, so maybe we’re not exactly the perfect model of “traditional.” What with the funny voices and absurdist sense of humor. But Christian living?  Yes youbetcha!  We helps you laugh away the darkness! Laughter is an antidote to anger the one vaccine that  always works!  So we bring the funny for the whole family. And not just the funny. We create stories that shine the light of Christ into all the dark corners where fear pitches a tent and settles in.  Uh uh – not on our watch!
Playful entertainment from a Christian worldview!  That’s our calling. That’s our joy!

Christian Value

Clean comedy, delightful stories, and imaginative podcasts that send the bad parts of culture to time-out and puts the rest in perspective.

Timely Message

Entertainment is powerful. And it’s everywhere. It will take us any direction we let it – even Cleveland.

We execute an absurdist twist on culture that combines our unique mix of skills which are honed to bring you and your family clean comedy and delightful stories. Character creation, grown-up fairytales, song parodies, interactive stories, and more fill our toolbox. All to bring you joy!

Whether we bring it to your Church or deliver it online we have this mission: “We creatively express the Truth to bring laughter and healing to the Body of Christ – and to the world.”

On the day before Thanksgiving, 2003, while in a grouchy mood, venting out an angry prayer, God put these words into his spirit: “(Denny), you’re my Joy Bringer… that’s your NAME.”

That moment altered his perspective and defined what God intends for him. But the truth is, Denny has been bringing joy and laughter since kindergarten – or “his first audience.” While many of his teachers seemed unimpressed, the antics that got him in trouble in school have been repurposed over the years, from: voice impressions for commercials…to comedy radio bits (for John-Boy and Billy) including the

perennial holiday classic “Blue Christmas” by Seymour Swine and the Squealers…to playing “Discovery Jones” – a goofball children’s TV host for cable network INSP…to 13 years as a goofball writer, Morning Show cohost at Family Life in New York…to roles in several feature films, video shorts, audio dramas, speaking engagements and comedy routines…God’s Joy Bringer is still on the job!

On the day before Thanksgiving, 2003, while in a grouchy mood, venting out an angry prayer, God put these words into his spirit: “(Denny), you’re my Joy Bringer… that’s your NAME.”

I’m Sandy Brownlee – a red-head (according to the bottle from Sally’s); a wife (according to my husband Denny); and an actress (according the characters I’ve played). I’m a writer, and a “creator.” So, what have I “created?” Seven full length radio dramas… eight full-length stage productions… an original screenplay or two… and eight original sketch comedy dinner theaters. I’ve also written and directed youth theater productions, written a Children’s Church curriculum, and was co-creator of Discovery Jones, an original children’s TV program for INSP, a Christian cable network.

I’m also passionate about architecting multi-platform, immersive story experiences: in other words, Transmedia Storytelling. While working for Family Life Network in NY, I created an interactive story experience around the theatrical version of Anne of Green Gables. I also created an expanded story experience around the stage production of I’ll Be Home For Christmas, set in 1941, right before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The experience was in the form of a “found” audio diary from 1941 and aired as episodes on the radio, and it was completed at the end of the live stage production,

I also tackled an assignment from Nashville’s chapter of WIFT (Women in Film and Television) for their “Fairytale Academy.” This was a short film, and a social media experience integrated into the actual workshop. I was delighted by the

chance to create a slightly twisted version of Fairytale Land – and to invite the audience to come play in that world!

Now I have embarked on a new adventure. I have written my first novel, The Mirror Lies, published by Wordcrafts Press (

After thirteen years of using our gifts for Family Life, a regional ministry in NY and PA, my husband Denny and I began a new chapter in our lives, in Nashville, Tennessee. Under the umbrella of Artists in Christian Testimony, Int’l, we’ve launched Playful World Ministries, working in the areas of film, TV, and in writing and creating immersive story worlds.

I am above all a writer, and my mission is to bring laughter and healing through creatively – and sometimes absurdly – expressing the Truth.

“I personally and passionately believe that “Entertainment and the Arts” is a territory that Christian Creatives need to claim.  We’re children of the Creator, and we need to produce the most amazing, creative, innovative, delightful, insightful, and profound work in the world.  We can infect the culture with the Truth.

That is my heart. That is my dream.  That is my calling…”

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