Epic Order of the Seven

The Noah’s Ark story from the animals themselves! From the audiobook, “The Ark, the Reed and the Fire Cloud,” hosted by characters Max and Liz with author Jenny L. Cote!

Episode 1
Max has a chilling dream. The next morning, a voice in the wind beckons him to “Come.”
Episode 2
Max seeks meaning to the talking wind from his wise friend Gillamon.
Episode 3
Max finds great value in his reed; and we meet Noah, his father Lamech and the first man -Adam!
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Epic Order of the Seven

I’ve (Denny) always been that guy who does lots of voices. Celebrities, cartoon characters, teachers (behind their backs) and so forth. And I love to entertain others this way.

The Ark, The Reed, and The Fire cloud is a sort of retelling of the Biblical events of Noah’s ark. It follows Max, a Scottish terrier who’s lived in Scotland all his life, but one day he hears a mysterious voice in the reeds, telling him to come and follow the fire cloud.

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Leaving the radio microphone in 2011, it seemed natural to offer my “services” as a voice actor. A lot of my voice work has been in narration, elearning and audiobooks. My website www.dennyvoices.com helps promote these pursuits – which I continue to do as “tent-making” income. It features a demo for audio books – clips from a variety of books including a kids’ novel written by a friend of mine: “The Ark, the Reed & the Fire Cloud”, by Jenny L. Cote. After completing my demo, I sent Jenny a copy – thinking she’d get a kick out of including her book.

She asked, “When can you record the whole thing?”

Thus, began a journey culminating in 2018, when I voiced and produced the audio book version. “The Ark, the Reed & the Fire Cloud”, tells the story of Noah’s Ark from the perspective of many of the animals – 105 characters in all – over 40 dialects from around the world… male and female, of course. It was a labor of love and has since done quite well on Amazon’s Audible store.

I’d often thought it would make a great podcast – a weekly show for kids about 8 years and up. I approached Jenny about it early in 2020, and she was immediately onboard. Hosted by main characters Max the Scottish Terrier and Liz the French cat, each episode features a chapter or two from the book, words of fun and wisdom from Jenny in “Jenny’s Corner” and playful banter between Max, Liz, occasional animal guests from the book and …me as the Announcer. We launched The Epic Order of the Seven – The Podcast – in March of 2020, available on most major directories and Jenny’s website: www.epicorderoftheseven.com

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